• Patient has to do brush (both small/big brush) two times a day. And must do brushing before coming to visit Dr.Nikul Jasani every month.
  • Everytime patient should rinse his/her mouth with pressure after having any food items.
  • If patient do not maintain his oral hygiene properly then gums gets weak so that patient get compromised treatment result and also time of treatment will be increased. TAKE A SERIOUS NOTE ON THIS.
  • In extreme case if patient do not maintain oral hygiene properly then treatment has to stop in between and has to remove braces, in such cases patient treatment charge will be increased.


  • For few days after putting braces patient feel little bite of discomfort while having food or sometime even while talking, everything will be settle down by one week.
  • If patient has problem of pinching wire or pinching of braces into skin then patient can apply wax on top of wire ends or on top of braces to avoid impingement. Remove wax while having food then put it same wax again.wax can be changed on next day morning.
  • If patient has problem of ulcer due to any reason apply Dologel or Hiora SG on top of ulcer.keep it for 2-5 minutes then rinse mouth with water.apply 3 times a day for faster relief and healing.


    1. Patient can have all soft food and unsticky food after putting braces.
    2. Do not eat food items which is given below.
  • Pani Puri
  • Pizza
  • Cashew,Badams
  • Chocolate
  • Chewing gum
  • Pop corn
  • Crunchy wafers & Namkins
  • Ground nuts & Chana
  • Bhakhari
  • Chiki and Chakri
  • Non-veg with bones ( patient can have boneless non-veg slowly )

  • Retainer

  • Retainer ( clear plates ) is compulsory minimum one year after finishing of orthodontic treatment for all patient .
  • Plates are necessary to stabilize newly moved teeth into bone.
  • Patient has to remove plates only during time of eating and brushing
  • Patient can drink only regular temperature of water while having plates in mouth.
  • Everyday patient has to clean plates with water and brush.
  • Patient can keep plates into water bowl if he/she not wearing for some particular time while attending social function for 4-6 hours only.
  • If patient don’t wear plates for more than 6 hours then there is some possibility that teeth start moving little bit so that plates can not feet properly.
  • If plates can not fit properly for any reason or if its brakes in any situation then patient has to make new plates and has to pay for making of new plates.
  • Patient has to brush two times a day for maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment and after treatment especially for those patient who has fixed wire retainer.
  • patient has to visit for cleaning his teeth once in a year if they have fixed retainer in mouth.